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Garden Design Magazine Review

garden design magazineGarden Design Magazine is a magazine directed towards gardening and landscaping enthusiasts and professionals, which features cutting edge modern design concepts. It is published 6 times per year with a bonus publication going out one time per year.

You can find the magazine at most common online retailers and local bookstores for about $15 to $45 subscription fees per year. There is also a trial and digital edition available online.

Garden Design Magazine is the type of magazine that you never throw away in order to go back to for inspiration and ideas in the future. It contains information suitable for gardeners and landscape designers at every level of income and experience.

If you are looking for information to learn gardening and horticulture, you may be disappointed. Garden Design Magazine focuses more on the design side of gardening and landscaping rather than the technical issues of the trade.

Here is an overview of some of the content you can expect to see within Garden Design Magazine.

Landscape Design Product Reviews

This particular design magazine is a regular reviewer of products and tools related to garden and landscape designing. Most of the time the products that they review are on the high-end side and are quite expensive. If money is not an issue, you should enjoy this section of the magazine to help with buying decisions; otherwise you might not find the reviews to be of much help to you.

garden design magazine articles and featured sectionArticles and Featured Sections

Garden Design Magazine contains a wide variety of information relating to landscape design and beautifying the curb appeal of your home. Some of the subjects include patio design ideas, outdoor entertainment suggestions, interviews with professionals, enhancing and improving your outdoor living space to name a few.

Design Resources

Individual issues of the magazine feature resources that would be helpful for the landscape design professional or home landscape design enthusiast.

The magazines official website features sections called “Ask a Gardener”, “I Love This Plant” and “Find a Designer” as well.

Design Events

Garden Design Magazine includes and covers up-to-date information on landscaping events and gardening shows around the world.

Garden and Landscape Design Inspirational Projects

Subscribers to Garden Design Magazine love receiving the magazine to see and learn about new, fresh design ideas and concepts from landscape architects and landscape designers. This is one of the most inspiring features of the magazine. High definition photo layouts add to tinspirational garden design magazinehe landscaping eye candy. Check their website for more exclusive web-only photos in addition to the ones in the printed magazine.

Commonly the designs and projects list the plants that have been used in them, and often also include the plan itself. If you need creative landscape design inspiration, Garden Design Magazine will come through. But if you are looking for step-by-step instructions for completing the projects, you will be disappointed because you will not find them anywhere within the content.

To recap, if you are interested in landscape design trends and ideas or browsing through nature photos… you will probably really enjoy this magazine. On the other hand, if you are solely interested in the how-to’s of gardening and the technical aspects of landscaping and landscape design… skip a subscription to Garden Design Magazine as there are better magazines out there that will teach you those subjects.

House and Garden Subscription


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Be inspired with a House and Garden subscription

House and Garden SubscriptionWhat started out as a magazine devoted to architecture, House and Garden has now included interior design, gardening, fashion and entertainment in its pages.  It enjoys a huge following from people of diverse backgrounds and is often used as reference for those desiring to build or renovate their own homes.  Every House and Garden subscription provides a myriad of ideas for your house and garden.  It is touted as the most glamorous and influential design magazine worldwide.

A House and Garden subscription gives you access to various home designs from simple and unique houses and apartments to fabulous vacation houses and island retreats.  It provides ideas for creating your own beautiful home gardens as well as tips on interior decorating.  It also features the most picturesque homes and lovely gardens.  Through a House and Garden subscription, you get to enjoy extensive travel coverage, delicious food and mouth watering recipes as well as the best tasting wine from all over the world.  With a House and Garden subscription, you get your money’s House and Garden Subscription designworth.  Every issue is delivered at your doorstep so you need not worry about missing any issue.  It is very easy to subscribe with online magazine subscription that offers a fuss free subscription process with secured debit or credit card payment schemes.

So do yourself a favor and tap your creative side.  House and Garden subscription will allow you to decorate, redecorate and make the most of your home regardless of its size or location.  It is a constant source of inspiration with its latest designs, decorating techniques, reviews and advice shared by experts on design, food, travel and wine.  Opening its magazine pages will lead you to new ideas on how to make your own homes beautiful.  With House and Garden, any one and every one can be their own home designer and interior decorator.